Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hero Project !!!!

Enjoy my post!!

In Language, we started a new project about heroes
As you all know, it consists in making a biography of a hero using google docs. We are doing it all together: 6a, b and c.

Please leave a comment answering the following questions:

*Are you enjoying this project? Give your reasons.

*How do you feel about the idea of working together with A & B? Why?

*Who is your given hero? Do you think he really is a hero?


  1. Hello Miss Victoria!
    I'm really enjoying this project it's very fun.I liked the idea of doing it with A&B as we did with Miss Florence because is more fun if we do it of a lot of people. I was given Martin Luther King, at first I didn't like it because I thought that without wikipedia I wasn't going to be able to find nothin, but I did!! Now I like that my hero is Martin Luther King and I think he IS a real hero!
    Thank you for this post, you made me remember I have to write my personal opinion.

  2. Hello vicky,
    I like a lot thi s idea and working with others 6th grades. is fasinating and for my my hero is a hero and not a celebrity.mother teresa is a heros
    see you when we can go t o schooll
    chiara f

  3. Mrs. Del Valle,
    I am really enjoying this project a lot, especially the part that we are sharing it with other classes. Miss Ale had a really great idea and also the part that we have to leave a personal opinion. Working with other classes is better because we have different opinions and we can make a big one, also we share work. My given hero is Mother Theresa, you really have to enter to her biography because she is the most honest person I had seen. She is a hero because she helped other poor people making orders. She is an excellent person and a self sacrificing person because she is giving all his best to help other needed people. She is a complete hero!
    Kisses & Hugs

  4. Vicky I forgot telling you that I liked your post and enjoyed it a lot and this is a better idea than the other post that you were going to post!

  5. Thank you, Cata, Chiara and Santiago for commenting in my post. The first ones!!! ja ja
    Keep on:

  6. Hello Vicky,
    is a very good idea to ask us about this project because it was a very good project because I didnt new Nelson Mandela and now I know all about him.Working with a and b was a good idea because if we work alone we dont have a lot of information.Nelson Mandela, when I started to read the informatin I realised than nelson Mandela is a hero specially in South Africa due he is the president.Well bye Vicky.

  7. Hi!
    I really enjoyed your comments, I thought nobody would comment, thank you!!!!ja ja
    As mIss Ale told us, you are my keen bloggers!!ja

  8. Hello victoria,
    I don´t know how to answer that question, but I told you that I would comment in this post you made. My hero was RenĂ© Favoloro.

  9. Helo Miss Victoria (jaja):

    I like th new post, realy. Here are my answers of the post:
    1. I enjoy it because you need to have creativity on this, I had enjoy it.
    2.I think that we don't have so much contact each other because each one makes their one art and anyone can touch other's project, but I think is great because although we don't have such contact, it's a different project.
    3.My hero it's called Mahatma Gandhi and he is really ahero, he made lot of things to give peace between countries. Also he is very determined and brave because he went lots of times to jail (more than 20 times) for justice.

    I really enjoyed commenting your post,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher of Bumble Bees)

  10. Hello VIckyyy,
    I really enjoy working at the project becuase KI can now about a lot of heroes mean while WE READ A BOOK ADNM NOW write the biography, We are going to know a lott!!I like working with other classe becuase I can work and talk adn make new friends of other classes. My given hero is Louis Braille, he is a real hero becuase as when he was two years old he got blind, so he invented the alphabet for blind people, books and many more things that now a days, we really need that so if Louis didn´t invented on that days now blind people couldn´t read!!
    Teh blog is excelenttttttt
    beluuuuu of 6b

  11. Amazing!!!! Vicky! A great idea!!!
    You will go far!

  12. Thank you Miss Ale, Ramiro and Belu 6b!!!! I really appreciate your comments!
    Thankssss. keep ooon

  13. Hello Miss Vicky:
    I liked a lot your post. I had to do a biography about Luis Federico Leloir. I think he is a hero because he discovered several things and he was very perseverant because he kept triyng and trying until he reached his goals. I think its very good to work with people from other clasess because next year we will be alltogether. Luis Leloir also won lots of awards.
    sofi 6c

  14. Really good comments, keep on!!!!!

  15. hello miss victoria
    I really enjoyed this project on heroes because it is a fun way to learn and search information about a hero.I liked doing this project with A & B because it is fun to discuss what part does each one do.
    The hero miss ale gave me is Louis Braille and I think he is a real hero
    love u
    belu s 6C

  16. Hello vicky, I am really enjoying this project because I really like my hero (Louis Braille), I don't really think he was a hero for me because I am not blind so his invention doesn't help me but maybe for other persons he is...I am really enjoying to work with a and b because it is easier and we can see how they work.
    See you in 2 weeks

  17. Im enjoying a lot this project we work with other classrooms and at the same time we learn google docs is great
    xoxoxox martu.r 6a

  18. Hello vicky,
    this project I'am enjoying it a lot and working with 6a and 6b I feel very good because I work with frieends. My given hero is Jorge Newbery and he is a very brave hero.
    PD: I am not at school.

  19. Hi Vicky:
    I liked very much this project and also working with other grades, so we can relate. I have the same hero that you Vicky, it is Jorge Newbery and he is not only a hero he is much more than a hero.
    Your post is very good.

  20. Hi I know it was very fun the things of the biography but I finished it on tuesday.

    I don't know, if that day was the last day or the day that your oportunity expired.

    well, nice post,

    lautaro z

  21. Hi Victoria...
    Very creative post, is the first time I comment in a class blog , and I don't believe it was so fantastic. And I choose this post...
    I liked a lot this project we are doing in Language, because is a project that you don't have to think in the way of, Tenses. In the project of Google docs, I had to look for a hero called Mahatma Gandhi, and he was one of the most important people from the history of all time!! He leaved them free from the British people had had dominated all India. he was fantastic.
    It wasn't a new excpirience work with A and B because in Science we had work with A,B, and all the people on 6th of Punta Chica. But that was mess because some people didn't did nothing, bu in this all did all.
    see you..
    bye bye