Thursday, 25 June 2009

How do you feel about the concert?

The questions for this week are.....
How do you feel about the concert?

Do you think it will be good?

Do you think it will be fun to do it?

How do you feel being the biggest ones and having the opportunity to act more?

All of these questions you have to answer them in a comment that YOU have to leave.

PD: This was all work of agus but she couldn't enter.


  1. hello:
    I feel very proud, I like very much the settings that I have to do. I think that It will be fantastic and will be fun to do it and more the part of the song PASS ME BY,It is fantastic having that opportunity of act more.

  2. Enjoy this last concert in Primary School whichever your role is!
    Good post!

  3. Hello Agus or Sofi,
    The post is great and you did a really good teamwork! In my class also many people had these problem and had to do it this way! I feel very happy in oen side because we are going to be the bigest ones and we can be Main Characters, all though I am not one! In trhe other side I fell sad because it is our last concert in Primary but in secondary, if you wnat, you can be in the concert! Yes, I think iit is going to be really fun the concert, because there are a lot ofd main characters, a lot of funny things that are going to happen and the concert willl be great! I am really proud to be the bigger ones and act more because as it is our last act.. we have to approuch it and do the best we can! Teh post is great as the blog!
    Beluu D