Friday, 29 May 2009

Hello 6º I challenge you to play and win this game,
it's not so difficult. If you want to know if it's
easy or difficult just try and play it! In this
page there are other games you can play to practice!


  1. Hello Santi,
    I think this game is very hard, The bubbles put me very nervous but somtimes I did it right.
    Keep on blogging(easier games please!!!)

  2. Very interesting game! Good practice for joining sentences in writing!

  3. I really liked this game!! I like the "thing" that we have to choose the words. I was going crazyyy with those bubblessss. Sometimes I was tired so I click just anyone.
    MILI F 6C

  4. Hello Mr Santi (jaja):

    I like very much the game. I've finded interesting. I really like the page.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher)

  5. Hello Santii!!
    The post is great, as the game, it was a little bit easy at the first moments but then it started being more and more difficult!! It was excellent
    Belen of 6B

  6. Hello Mr Santi:
    I think your post is very good and the game made sense with language and practising. Very good game, but, the bubbles somethines confused me, at first the game was somehow easy, but then I turned nervous and got difficult. I also answered the quiz, it was easy, but some questions, I had no idea of the answer. I like the part of being multiple choice.
    see you on monday!!!
    Vicky Sc

  7. Mr. Gior,
    Here is the comment!
    I agree with Santi.R, the bubbles put me nervous, but although I had nervousity I enjoyed this game a lot and I got them well. The post was very good, and it was not so difficult but when the bubbles confused be it was a little difficult, but that is what a game has to have, difficult parts and at the same time easy parts.
    Good Byee.

  8. Hello MR. Giorgiutti, jajaja
    The game was really good!!! the bubles as cata and santi said put me veryyyyyy nervous!!!! but the game was very fun...I got them well (some) but it was quite difficult.
    See you tomorrow
    Keep on blogging

  9. Hello 6 I see you enjoyed the game although the bubbles put you nervous, I never thought the bubbles were going to put you nervous!!jaj
    Thanks for commenting!
    See you tomorrow

  10. Hello mr santiago:
    I realy liked the game but the bubbles went to fast in the last ones. I got all well exept one that I had to do it like three times (the last one). Equaly I liked the game, it was very fun!
    Sofi 6c

  11. Hello Santi,
    is a very good game because you put or you click in a word an the computer said you the significate of the word.Is a very good game.
    Nicolas 6c

  12. Santi, I loved the game it easier to clik in the word than wrinting it
    by keep on blogging.

  13. very nice game i had enjoy it a lot