Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Something in the whole entire world...


Now that we are in winter, we are having a lot! of sicknesses so please you have to help to do something about it
1) You can use alcohol in gel or wash your hands very carefully during 20 seconds or more, with soap.
2)You need to wash you hands at least 10 times a day.
3)If you are sick or you have fever etc, please go to the hospital so you don´t transmit the sickness to other people.

On the other hand, now we are losing school because of this sickness that is all around the whole world. Some might think it's good to lose school because you are in your house and you can do whatever you want... ...But would you like to recover school in the holidays?... ...Do you like home schooling?...

I have some questions...
Would you like to lose all your holidays because you did not take care of yourself?
.Do you think it is fair to do homeschooling and then lose all or a part of your holidays?
.Do you enjoy being without friends?
.Don´t you miss break with all your friends?
.Are you bored at home?

Please help us be in good physical condition!


  1. miss ale i couldn´t post a photo

  2. Ian!! I would not like to recover this days on holidays because I think it will be unfair uf they do it, they sent us a lot of homework!! So it will be VERY unfair. I think I preffer going to school rather than doing home schooling, because at school I'm more organized and I see my friends!! I'm not ejoing being without friends. I'm not so bored being alone without friends at home but I preffer being at school with my friends playing and talkin AT BREAK TIME. Because in class we have to pay atention!!
    See you, keep on posting

  3. Ianchuss,
    Great comment, here are my answers...
    I wouldn't like to loose holidays because of not being obbedient, I think that we should take care about our selves, and less in holidays that most of us pass them so well! I think that doing homeschooling is fair because as we loose time of class, we have to keep on doing things and learn so if we don't do nothing we are very behind and if we do homeschooling we are better in time with school things. But holidays no, because I think that is not fair because our parents work in this time, so we go on a trip but on july and now we can't go! So I don't think is fair to take our holidays. I really do not enjoy passing time without friends because I have lot of fun and enjoy my time with friends, but now I am seeing my friends, going to their house or they come to mine. I really miss break but I am doing this going to other houses with lots of friends! I am not bored at home... Lots of questions Mr. Mourier!
    Keep on posting,
    Good Byee

  4. A great idea!!! You are right we must look after ourselves by washing our hands and taking all the necessary hygienic precautions. But we also have to put our sweaters, jackets, or blazers on when we go out to break on a very cold day!
    It is clear that these days are not holidays!! Nobody has ever said that we were having less holidays! Looking at tjhe positve side, we can think that thanks to technology we are able to be in contact and to keep on working. It is a challenge for all of us: students and teachers. I have never in my life undergone anything as this moment. Just enjoy it and make the most out of it! Take it as a new experience in life. Now you will all have an anecdote to tell your own children or even your grand children: home schooling!!!
    Have a great day! I miss you all!

  5. Hello Ian!!
    Great idea the one of the post.. It is very similar of the one of 6b blog that I did!! Its okay becuase it is very important to put it in all the blogs so every one can see it! Great Idea! I wouldn't like to loose holidays because we work so hard that wwe need some holydays to refresh ourselfs, BUT IF WE DON'T CARE OF OUR SELFS THERE IS A CONSECUANSE! Home Schooling iis a great idea becuase they send you the homework by mail and if you can't open it, you can check on home schooling! Or if the school mail doesnt works...IT IS A SOLUTION! It is unfair because if there is someone that has Gripe Porcina.... because he wasnt obbedient... and now we stay at home and we do the doble of home work than at school and then they take as holidays...IT IS UNFAIR! I dont enjoy being without friends because I want to see them, I see them every day at school and now that school its close.. I cant see them! Yes.. I miss A LOT.. The break with our friends because I laughed and laughed all the time and I had greeat time! The most of the time if I dont have neither homework neither nothing to do I am bored in my house I see the TV or I dont know but some days my father is working and cant take me to a friends house and my mom is really messes uo becausse there are painting my house!! But some much of the time I am really messed with homework!!!
    Great post Iann!! Beluu D

  6. Ian, in my opinion it is not fair!!! But although it is not fair to take as the holydays and give as homework, we only have to put two hous per day. Do you think that I am not with my friends, well you are wrong I have arrenge many times with my friends; well I miss break but for me is better that I arrenge my time to give me break.
    Good way of riminding people to wash his or her hands.
    GGGGGGGreat post!!!!!!!! Santi A

  7. Hello Ian!!!!!!!!!!!! Your post was great, I really liked it, but when I first saw it I thought : This is two long for me but well it doesn't matter so I started reading and then I got very interested in the hole thing so when it finished I asked to myself was it so short ?? but then I realized it was only because I got very engaged with the post, so Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian of course I would not like to lose all my holidays because I didn't take care of myself, but maybe as we have homework these days they take it as having school so nothing happens... hope not!!!!!jajaja
    AND if we lose our holidays it wouldn't be fare at all because the teachers have already sent us the homework we have to do so we would do the double of work or even more!!!!! and that wouldn't be fare and we all need to have some holidays, someday or not????? I do and I do not enjoy being without friends because on one side we have a lot of fun watching tv and using our computers to chat, we also have a lot of homework and a lot of things to do at home that we don't do when we have school, so my answer would be more or less like a yesno because I am not sure, I really miss our break with our friends because we can play chat or do whatever we want but I don't miss the kniting club because me and my grandmother have been kniting all the day and we have already made 2 squares!!!!!! I am not as bored as I am when I am sick but I am inside my house all the time I sometimes get like desperate like I need air!!!!!!!!!! So I go out my balcony and then I go on doing my homework. Ian, I congratulate you because this post was awsom and you gave me plenty of things to say!!!!
    See you all next week!!!
    Miss you

  8. Hello Ian,
    I liked very much your questions this are my answers:
    But would you like to recover school in the holidays?
    I would not like to recover school in the holidays.Do you like home schooling? I do not like home schooling because if I have thouts I have to send an e mail and wait for the answer instead in school I got the answer in thew moment.Would you like to lose all your holidays because you did not take care of yourself?I would not like to lose all my holidayys because I did not take care of myself.Do you think it is fair to do homeschooling and then lose all or a part of your holidays?for me that is not fair nothing fair becausee it wasnt ours falt that they have to suspended school.Do you enjoy being without friends?I do not like being without my friends is horrible, I miss them.Don´t you miss break with all your friends?Yes I miss it I want to see my friends nowwww!!!!!I miss them a lot!!!Are you bored at home?Yes i am very but very boring at home after doing homework what should I do only bing with my family but Í also like to be with friends.
    I like very much your questions there were fantasting!!!
    I like the very much, a lot!!!
    I will still bloging
    see you on my birthday tomarrow or on school
    PD: if you have thouts im of DODDS

  9. IAN!!!
    Very goood post. I think it is really truth what you are trying to trasmit trough out this post. We have to take care of ourselves!!! Wash our hands, use gel and try not to touch dusty things. About your questions, I miss school, I miss break and playing with all 6c or laughing in the class room when somebody tyells a joke....
    I hope this is over soon. About winter vacations. I prefer 1000 times having school and having my winter vacations!!!!!
    Seee you sooooooooon

  10. Hello Ian
    I think the post is very good, and this post we can use it to prevent sicknesess. I think that some people only let it pass by like it is not important, but really it is!!!I prefer being at school than in my house, its to boring. About tthe question of the winter holidays I think that we dont have to loose our winter holidays, I think that on holidays we dont have sooo much homework as we have now. But Im not sure if the school is going to take us the winter holidays, because I think that someone told that they were not.
    sofi 6c

  11. Hello Mr Ian (jaja),

    I think that the idea of making this post is excellent because you are warning us for this not to happen. Here are my answers:
    1. I won't like to loose vacations because we work a lot and very hard.
    2.I think it isn't fair.
    3.I don't enjoy it.
    4.I miss it a lot.
    5.I have to admit that sometimes yes and sometimes no.
    I really enjoyed commenting on it.

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

  12. Hello Iannnn,
    I think that your post is very interesting and anyone that just answers your questions and doesn't read your text is making a great mistake, i could tell you could take out your feelings and make them questions to know if we felt the same! And i think everyone will agree and there are many reasons, one is because knowing everyone from 6a,b and c i can tell that noone wants to loose there vacations, and knowing you, i know that you would be very mad if we lost all of our vacations. Another reason is that all students have there own mentality but at the end of the "sum" everyone gets to coincide in their thinking, like me as soon as i saw the post i had already decided my answers but after reflecting it was just easy to note that you were against the bad things (you know which ones they are) and you were looking foward to the good things also!
    Well i think i have already expressed myself so now i will answer your questions and you will notice they will be very simmilar to yours and all the other people who have commented;
    1. I DON'T want to loose my vacations, i mean we have all worked very hard for those vacations and i don't want the swine flu to ruin the vacations. EVERYONE needs to relax on July, not worry about homework...:(((
    2.It would be very unfair to us and to the teachers also, because we have to complete the work, but they have to think of it and make it for us to respond it!Also if we do home schooling i don't see the reasons to stay in vacations at school, i mean we have done the work, but in a different way, but we have done it!!
    3.Me ass all common persons HATEEE being without firends, it's like if you didn't have a right arm or a leg. I mean that friends ar like part of your life and you feel incomplete when you don't have them there for you!!.... I felt veryy lonley the first week, but thanks godd Oli.P and Maru.S came to my house to spend the last week.. so i felt much better and we also helped ourselfs to do the homework, like everyone says 3 heads work better than 1.
    4.I miss break a lott, and much more because in break i had time to be with my friends, talk, play, have fun, interact and especially BE WITHH FRIENDSS... I woudn't support having break with out friends, i woudn't be able to do anything without friends... So it is great to come back to school because now i am going to be able to have my brake and be with friendss.
    5.I am super duper bored aty home, i don't know what to do, i am all day doing homework and when i finish it i watch tv .. ¿Quite boring noo?? Yess! If i were at least with a friend i would be able to talk, have fun, laughh and do much more things you can't do alone or with your brothers... So pleasee i need school, without shcool i am bored. This is a way of saying i am very bored and that we need shcool and sports to live!; The other day i was talking by the telephone with Delfi.F (Peepi) and we were saying that we felt very incomplete without going to hockey on Saturday morning... ajaj

    Well I hope you understud my message (I HATEE HOME SCHOOOLING JAJA)
    I just wanted to mension again what a great post you have created!! And what a great job you have done!!

    See you on Monday, because i am not going to school tomorrow (Friday)

    Goodd Byeee


  13. Hello Ian,
    the 3 first questions is no because i couldn´t do nothing except doing Home Schooling all day,
    and the 2 last questions is yes because I miss my friends,
    Agustina F.

  14. Hi ian!
    great post, because you are helping people to see what's happening!!
    I'm very board in my house, because I always do the same things. And for my this is unfair because all of a person that didn't care himself
    see you
    bey bye