Wednesday, 17 June 2009

How do you feel about homeschooling?

This is another video of Moblyng with some pictures and questions that you have to answer in a comment.


  1. The post I made it but my acount didnt work so I told Domi how I wanted it to be. Thank you Domi!!
    hope you like the post,
    sofi 6c

  2. Hello Sofi,
    You did a really nice work team with Domi, In my class, that also happened! Its okay! First I answered all teh questions and when I put in post comment, it leted it and the page doesnt work.
    First, I wasnt board because I had lots of hoemwork on allthe subjects but then, when I allmost finish it, I was board with nothing to do! First, I was really happy because school was suspended, but then, all teh homework that they send to us...I wasnt happy! I was angry, because they send the double of work as if we were at school..But, it doesnt matters because we had a lot of time to do it! I wasnt sad because at whaT I am going to be sad as? I dont really understand the quetion! No, fortunatlly I wasnt sic, but most of my friends were sick, but not of htis school only! Yes, I had lots of you no' Becuase it is the same! But yes..but in the lastest days, they didnt send us much more... Well the post is great becayse they convine with the fotos.

  3. Thank you Belu for posting,
    you will go far!!!

  4. Good you are a team!!!! An excellent post!! Good slideshow!! I wasn't bored at all and I missed you all!!!

  5. Hello Sofiii,
    What a great post...Something simmilar to what happened to you, happened to me! I had to write the comment for Meli, and as Meli's your comment is super greatt.I would like to give answers to all your questions, but i think it might be good take them and answer them but from a different mental position ajaj like they say in Casi Angeles "Pensamiento Lateral"
    1.I was sad, and i wasn't sad because something happened to me, or to my family or to my friends..i am sad because lots of people in the world are diyng because of the sickness and people only take care of themselves,there family and friends. But i really think we should find a way to take care and protect other persons in all the world!!!
    2.I wasn't sick(literally), but my heart felt sick, like when someone says i am sick of something?? Well i am sick of seing other people get sick and "die", and that if that person doesn't have a "good social life" noone takes care of them....
    3.I was angry, because lot's of people are sufering and if you are not important almost noone cares about you, i feel that is very bad and i would like to see "Susana Gimenez" be treated the same way than any other common person like many people say "El Vecino de la Esquina".
    4. I had lot's and lot's of HOMEWORK!! But i wasn't one of those persons who did the homework at last minute at Tuesday 12 in the night.. I think that the teachers got to know who really did the homework and took there time, and were able to go to school confident in therselfs... I think we have to much homework, much more than normally.
    5. I was very, very, very board! The first week i was to board, i couldn't be with any friend, the only thing i could do was homework tv homework. For a whole week! Can you imagine?? Me noo!! Well but thanks to godd the second week Maru.S came 2 or 3 days and then Oli.P stayed 2 days, so i had a better time and we could do the homework together, that means to help our selfs!
    6. In a way i was happy because i was able to be more time with all my family but in another way i wasn't happy because very people were sick and also because i couldn't be with all my friends who i LOVE to be with!!
    Well Sofi your post was very interesting and it really made me think... Thankss ajaj... LOVEE AND KISSES

  6. Martu thank you for commenting, your comment was very long!!!JAJA
    bye sofi

  7. Sofi,
    Sory!!! ajaja.... Well i really think your post was very good and that is how i was able to do my comment!
    Great postt (again)

  8. hello sofi,
    this are my answers:
    I am board when I can´t see friends,family,etc.I am happy when I play with friends see my friends and also when I am in shcool because I am happy that I can go to the school I go and also what they teach there is fantastic.I am very sad when I fight with my brother and my mom and dad always said that I am the biggesst and they shout to my and to my brother noo!!!(its anfiar)
    when I have to stay at home doing a lot of homework and my brother has and he do it at last moment so he is playing with his friends all day.when I am sick I have to be in bed all time and I can go up of bed only to go to the toilet!!!! its anfiar to be sick!!!
    I had a lot of homework I have only to practice 3 test of language tenses, lengua vebos, and of Ciencias Naturales of the Célula.
    But I can say that is unfair because in homeschooling we got a lot more of homework.
    I like very much your post
    It was fantastic
    I have to do homework so
    see you on monday

  9. Sofi,
    You are like Ian, you want us to send you a big comment with lots but lots of answers, remember that if you want to put a big ammount of house points the answers must be juicy as Miss Maria told us! Well here is my opinion, reflection or answers, however you call them.
    100%truth with these answers.
    If I was happy? mmm... At the beggining really I was, because I thought that we were going to have vacations but when I checked my mail everything changed! I wont lie but at the beggining I was happy but then I thought that this flew and what was happening was not a joke, it was seriouslly and also I thought about the people who had the porky fever or that flue and I thought oh, poor people! So my happiness changed!
    If I was sad? At the beggining NO but then yes, it all started when I saw the mails in world client! And when homework + more homerok and more and more till I can't no more!
    If I was angry? Really I don't know, i've got two answers... The first one no because I understand the teachers that send us mails because I spoked with my parents and they told me why but the second one yes because when I hadn't spoked with my parents I was angry with homeschooling!
    If I was sick? I didn't had fever but I had a cold and my head and a throat that hurt a lot!
    If I had lots of homework? Sofi, you know that all of us say that we had more than lots of homework, imagine that I didn't opened for one day the mail and I had 20 new mails!
    If I was board? No, I passed time with lots of friends of other classes and I also went to many events so I wasn't board!
    I agree with Chiara because it was unfair, for me we had more work in the mail that on school so I made a calender with timetables divided with the different subjects.

  10. Sofi, the comment that says mariana is me Cata but maru came to my house before Chiara's birthday and the account kept on in mariana's

  11. Hello cata thank you for posting and for telling me that it was you. Thank you for all the ones that commented!!!!

  12. Hello Miss Sofia (jaja),

    I like a lot the video you made, it's awesome.
    Here are my answers:
    1.Sometimes I was angry because I wanted to do something but I couldn't, or if I couldn't open a file.
    2.I wasn't sick, luckily, but 2 days I got lots of "vomitos" and I had to stay all the day in bed.
    3.I thik we had lots and lots of homework to do.
    4.Sometimes I was very bored because we only did homework.
    5.I was happy when I got a mini break and the idea of not getting up very early.
    6.I was sad when I didn't understand something ad by not seeing our classmates.
    I really enjoyed commenting on this post.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

  13. Hello sofi this was a very good post for 3 reasons
    N1 I posted it with the things that you told me
    N2 I really loved it
    N3 You made people write very looooooooong comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My answers will be very simple
    I was all what you said because I was quite sick I did have a lot of homework I was happy because I could chat all the day with msn and I was sad because I missed YOU a lottttt :) :) :)
    I really loved your post and now I have to go and study for Naturales because if not I will be VERY SAD because of my mark!!!jajaja
    See you tomorrow

  14. Hello Sofi
    Finally I comment in your post!
    Before answering your questions, I wanted you to know that Domi and you make a really good team!!!jaj
    Well, now about the questions:
    1)I was somehow happy because I could chatear at the same time I made my homework and also I could do fun things while I was at home.
    2)But I was also sad because I couldnt see my best friends and my friends....for example.....YOUUUjaja
    3) I wasnt angry but when the teacher sent us alot of homework......
    4) I was not sick during the period of homeschooling
    5) I dont remember any other question so....well, thats all!
    See youuuuu

  15. Hi Sofi:
    I was very board some days, I also had a lot of homework like you.
    Sometimes I got angry with my mother because she wanted me to do all the homework in one day.
    At last I was happy because I was coming to school again and I wold see mi friends like you soon again.
    I liked your post, but at first I didn´t know what to post.
    From: Clara6C

  16. Thank you for commenting!!!!!

  17. Hello Sofia,
    Luckily I wasn't sick and we had a lot of homework so if got sick I could get reall angry because I dould not do homework and I would have to do it all in one day. Sometimes I was boared sometimes not but I was happy. I wasn't sad but I was angry with all the homworke they gave us.
    Great post!!
    See you,