Monday, 18 May 2009

Welcome back to our new blog!!!

Hello everyone, Today in the morning in IT lesson, Martha taught us how to create a blog. She had also shown us our new blog. As you know each class has its own blog, so my questions as a student are... How do you feel about having a new blog? Do you like the idea of each class having its own blog? Did you enjoy voting for the title and the URL of the blog? To answer these questions you have to tell the 100% truth and try to be especific and write with understanding. Are you ready to comment? Enjoy posting AGAIN, as Miss Ale says "YOU WILL GO FAR!!!"


  1. Thiis post i now that cata did it, ithink that is a verry good post. When we did it i think it was the best and so exaiting that i get nerveuse when we did it. I think the title is wonderfull and the URl more because i and my group think of it. I think that the blog and the post will be wonderfull because we give the calss ideas and new wonderfull expirience to mack this blog.

  2. Hello again if Miss Ale lets us we can have extra housepoints for being the first bloggers!! Hope she lets us!!

  3. Hello Miss Catalina: (ja ja ja)
    I was the first one to read your post and I think it is very good and somehow, original. About the questions: I feel very excited about the idea of having our own blog, just 6c and I also think this could only be made by 6th students because we are the bigger ones and we have to have more responsabilities. As you can see, I like the idea of one blog for each class, because 6c is a very independant, good group, and I suppose 6a & 6b also. I enjoyed A LOT hte idea of voting the title and URL. My group chose "Steps to Knoledge" and we thought obody was voting with us, but after all, we won with one vote of difference. I like the URL although the class prefers 6crocks. Very good post Cata!!
    See you tomorrow:
    Vicky Sc.

  4. Hello Miss Catita(jajaja)
    I am very happy about having our own blog. For me it's a very special oportunity to express our feelings by putting posts or comments.I think that voting for our url and blog title was fun specially because the name I sugested for the title in my group won!!!! (I'm very happy about that!!!) This is going to be the best blog ever because we are all very creative readers writers and thinkers...(miss ale's title) It's a very special opportunity and I can't wait until it's my turn to post !!
    See you tomorrow

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  6. Hello cata!!
    Very nice post, I think this idea of having a blog for each class is great an intresting. I enjoyed voting for the title and the URL because all of us were shouting and wating to see who won. Well I want to see your comment on my post when is my turn to do a post, jaja
    See you tomorrow

  7. Hello Girlss and Boyss You aree the firsts one to blog, so brown will go far because three are of brown and one of dodds. Keep on commenting!

  8. Dear 6C
    A very good start and an excellent post, Cata!
    You will all go far!

  9. Congratulations on your first post! I am very impressed by the way this blog has started. I am sure it will be an excellent way of showing your creativity and your thoughts. Keep on posting and commenting!

  10. Hello Cata and 6C! Geat introduction! It is the way to start, from the very beginning! I hope this is a way for each one of you to show and share lots of wonderful things... I will be posting comments, as you know, I am a keen blogger! All the best,

    Miss Florence ( ji ji

  11. Miss Florence, I never imagine that you will coment a language blog, but you did, so I am very surprised but happy that a science teacher had comment our blog!! Of what house are you in? Martaa you have to pass to montieth and Ale also, but Marta you deserve the housepoints and ale also!!!
    Florence I am commenting your blog and it is really good, Kisses & Hugss Cataaa

  12. hello "Cata",
    This is very exciting. I am waiting for my turn to come, but I think I have to wait a lot because I didn´t blog as much as other students. I am imaginating you as the teacher that has the blog.
    I don´t know how to answer the questions because just know I am very lazy.
    Keep puting posts,
    Ivan.S 6C

  13. which comment did you deleted santi reyes?
    Ivi.S 6C

  14. Hello cata (or miss cata like domi and vicky)
    your post was very good, if I had been the first one to have to post I will not even have a clue of what to write(%100 truth) well I am going to post in a long time so I still have time to think. well about the questions I think its great having a blog of our own, its fun and educative because it give us more reponsability to take care about a web page. I loved choosing the names, even if the name of my group didnt won I liked the name.
    I have to go because my mother will kill me
    Sofi 6c
    PD:I am the first one of monteith, now also monteith will go far.

  15. WoW!!! Dear 6C,
    It's a great pleasure for me to read that you are REALLY enjoying this new challenge! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading your comments and posts!

  16. Hello Cata
    about the questions: I liked very much your post.
    I likes a lot the new blog,Its very good having a blog for each class.
    You have a very good ideas to do this post.
    I write the %100 of truth, in this post(in the questions!!!
    Well see you tomarrow
    Chiara F
    PD:Im of dodds (if you have douts)

  17. Hello Cata
    I think this post is great and that the comments are very funny, the only problem is that some people are copying others comments and that is not fair if they are of a different house.
    a peron wrote like 100% truth and some things more and another wrote also something to do please answer me back
    keep posting good posts
    belu s 6C

  18. Hello Cata, I am meli of 6b and I read your post and all the answers are YES!!! I love the idea of having a blog for our own class, it´s fantastic!!! and I am going to blog all the days if posible.
    YOUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: enter to OUR blog!!!
    meli b

  19. Woww, People of other classes and teachers of other subjects!!!

  20. Hello Miss Catalina (jaja):

    I know that I'm not from 6C, I'm from 6B, but I really like having our own blog. I feel very excited knowing that we have a new post, also what I like best is to POST!!! Also I have to say that I really enjoyed voting.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher of Bumble Bees)

  21. Hello Cataa!!
    The post is great , I feel very nervious and excited becuase I wabt the day that I have to post be very soon because I want to post!! I like very much teh blogs of all teh classes!!

  22. Sorry the lst `post is from belen of 6b

  23. Very nice post Catalina!
    I love the idea of having our own blog! I was asigned to post on June 4th, when time arrives, I hope you like my post and that you comment!!