Wednesday, 7 October 2009


How do you feel about the concert?

Are you nervous?

Do you like your costume?

Do you think it is going to be a good concert?

Please answer these questions.


  1. Hello Maria Clara,
    I LOVE the concert! It is GREATT! i REALLY LIKE THE CONCERT! iT WAS A VERY GOOD IDEA! No, I am not nervious, but a little bit yes! Yes, I like my costum but I don't like the colour! Yes! It is going to be a VERY good concert!
    Kisses Belu D of 6B

  2. Hello CLara
    I like you questions and I would answer them:
    I like very much the concert I want to be the concert now no the is a grat idea I like it a lot also I like the costumes for the show but I dont like the bonet is gorrible with the (peinado) that I haver to use.and to the end I can´t run LIke I have to do because I have a skirt that is to the floor and is (inflada) of down wards. the cancert would be execelent I t would be mavrlous!!!!the parents would be jajajaja all the time!!!
    but it would be the onces of the best cancerts that we had in pramiary, adn also now we have the opportunity to act a litle bit more than the other years because we are main characters and secondary charachedrs. I like it a lot Peter has a lot of funny ideas, the show is fantasticcc!!!
    I lioke it a lot the (escenas) are very funny especialy the won of Victoria marlow acts of a fat wommen, there are my answers to your questions a nice post I like a lotyour questions
    a lot of kisses
    see you tomorros
    chiara f 6C

  3. Hello, the concert is boring for me, I preferit for like that because I dont like to act. My costume is not so bad.

  4. hello I love the concert!!!!!! and no im not nervous, and I like my costume

  5. Hello MistER clara: jajaj
    I really think this conccert is going to be much better from other years concerts, but I guess I just thin it because now 6th grade does the most important jobs and although I am not a main character (IM masies girls) I really enjoy rehearsing with Peter. About the costume, AAAA I dont liked before. IN fact, I thought it was horrid, but now that I saw other people´s costumes, I feel quite lucky compared to them! jaja
    Weell, very good post!
    see you tomorrow on pchica
    vicky sc

  6. chiara, very short your comment......jaja

  7. Hello Clara,
    Yes i feal very nervous about the concert,and yes i like my costume, also i think this will be a great concert,

    Agustina F.6c

  8. Hello clara, I am very happy with the concert because I always wanted to be a main character and now I was chosen, so I am very happy... I really think that this is going to be one of the best concerts we have done... My costume is not so elaborated but using sophie the seal makes me have a lot of fun, so I feel that we are going to entertain the people a lot... We are going to have a lot of fun and I think that tomorrow in the dress rehearsal we are going to be super good..!!!
    See you tomorrow