Wednesday, 14 October 2009

6 th year

Now we are the biggest of the building. But next year we will be the smallest in all secondary school.

How do you feel about being the most important ones?

How do you imagine being the smallest?

How do you think secondary is like?

Answer please....


  1. Hello, I loooove the idea of being in secondary, if feel much bigger. I feel very big but then when I will be in secondary we will be the smallest ones! I feel that I am going to pass super next year! Secondary is enormous!
    Belu d 6b

  2. An excellent idea Rodrigo!!!! Congratulations!!!
    Going into middle school means an important step in your lives!!

  3. Hello rodrigo, I think that going to secondary is going to give us new responsabilities and many new challenges because we will start a new step of our lives... also I am very happy because we are going to miss even less time to finish school and because we are going to be bigger... I hope we can all see each other next year..!!!!
    See you

  4. Hello Rodrigo
    I like your questions, and there are going to be answer:
    I think is great having a moment of being the biggest onece, but then it like you are in 6th and you are (acostumbrado) of being the begest once and then the next year is you are the smallest I can´t imagine, how the secondary is like but I think so that there a lot of things, and rules thatd there going to change, like another life!!!
    I like a lot your questions
    a nice post
    see you romarrow

  5. Hello Dodo I think being in secondary is a very special moment for because after being 6 hole years in primary we have the opportuniation of change building and start a new life. I DON´T WONT TO BE THE SMALLEST